How To Maintain a Teak Shower Stool

Are you interested in useful and elegant furniture for your bathroom? A teak shower stool is a great idea that is not only useful but will also add elegance to your private cleansing haven.

It is one of the most durable and sturdiest pieces of furniture for your bathroom, as it can easily withstand any kind of condition inside your bathroom, be it mildew, dampness, heat, or mould.

All this is possible with wood because it is one of the best wood that contains natural teak oil and can withstand all adverse conditions with ease. Best of all, it would continue to serve you for years.

Why teak shower stool for your bathroom?

Whether you have a simple or elegant bathroom, a teak shower bench is a perfect fit. All your family members, including elders and kids, would enjoy sitting on this useful chair while performing daily washing and bathing activities.

Elders in the family won’t have to stand for long durations while taking a shower. Everybody knows that it is very difficult for the elderly to maintain their balance when bathing. It would be very helpful for them if they have something to sit on to avoid straining their body muscles.

For all those who are disabled, it is necessary to have some sort of bathroom aid for keeping them comfortable during bating. They get a secure and durable seat in the form of a teak shower bench This will help them in preventing accidental falls and slips when they are in the bathroom.

All those women who shave their legs regularly can sit on a teak shower stool and shave their legs as they won’t have to stand on one leg under the shower. If you love showering without dipping yourself in the tub, you can do that while sitting on Teak Shower Stool.

Types of teak shower stools

  1. Corner or triangular shower stools-These shower stools are best for smaller bath areas as you can place them in any one corner of your shower area. They save considerable space as you can place them in one corner of your bathroom.
  2. Square shower stools-You can place this shower stool against the bathroom wall or corner of the shower. They have a built-in shelf under their seat for keeping soap, shampoo, etc
  3. Foldable shower stools-The are best for all those who have a small bathroom or want to use Teak Shower Stool only occasionally.
  4. Built-in Teak Shower stools-They are best for disabled or elderly family members. As teak is used instead of metal or plastic, they give a feeling of warmth and look less clinical and cold.
  5. Teak shower stools with adjustable legs-This teak wood bench use a combination of metal (mostly aluminium or steel) and wood. Their legs are made of metal and are adjustable and helping users in adjusting their height. They are best for the handicapped and elderly.

How To Maintain a Teak Shower Stool

if the bench is placed outdoors and left uncared for, environmental factors such as the sun and rain will eat away its original colours. Therefore the bench should be well taken care of so as to continue enhancing the outdoor home decor. Here are some important tips on how to take care of teak benches.

1. Staining

If you would like to maintain the original look of teak benches for decades then you should consider staining your teak benches.

Teak timber agrees with almost every brand of stain available in the market and if after staining the bench a sealer is applied, it will definitely make the colour of the bench look great and last for the entire life of the bench with no fades.

Staining is an irreversible process and if one later wishes to get back to the native teak tropical hardwood colour, he or she will have to sand the bench several times.

2. Weathering

Weathering is the easiest method of maintaining teak benches whereby the bench is left out to withstand weather conditions and as it endures it changes its original golden brown teak wood colour to silvery grey colour.

The good thing with teak is that it is a tropical hardwood that is durable and does not split even if it undergoes weathering process what it gains is a beautiful grey look. A weathered teak hardwood bench is an ideal addition in to any harsh outdoor space since teak is resistant to rotting and insects or any other wood ageing problems.

3. Colour protector

Teak protectors are liquid-based products available in the market today which are used to prevent the original lovely brown colour of teak wood from fading away to light grey colour when teak is exposed to extreme conditions.

For optimum results, the teak colour protectors should be reapplied regularly usually once per year. Teak colour protectors can be used for both outdoor and indoor benches but you may as well prefer to be keeping your bench indoors when not in use in order to avoid the original colour from fading away rather than applying teak protectors regularly.

4. Sanding

This option is ideal for those who would like to preserve the original golden brown colour for the longest time possible. Sanding is cheap and ideal for indoor teak benches, but in the long run, it is labour-intensive and requires to be done regularly.

Although sanding keeps the original beauty of the bench it causes wearing off since the process involves removing a small layer of wood so that the golden colour shows up again. Therefore it is not recommended for those who want their benches to last for long.

5. Oiling

Teak oil when applied to a Teak Bench preserves the golden brown colour but this method is not usually preferable since the oil must be applied regularly usually after every 3 to 4 months and it is recommended for indoor benches.


With so many options available to you in teak shower stools, you can definitely find one that matches your budget and lifestyle. You can check various styles and models on online stores as you can get great deals on these teak bathroom benches on many reputable sites.

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