Is Pain Relief Through Magnetic Therapy Possible?

No one can deny the power of magnets, racing pigeons find their way home across thousands of miles, and Salmon use the earth’s magnetic pulses to travel through oceans to make their way back to their spawning grounds. The ancient Celts built their places of worship at points where the earth’s magnetic ley lines intersect.

Are you sitting there reading this and rubbing your wrist because your arthritis is playing up again? Do you avoid walking upstairs as your knees hurt so much?

Magnets have been helping guide animals around the world for millions of years; they can now help you with your pain.

As more questions are raised every day over the use of drugs (Celebrex or Vioxx) to assist in pain relief for arthritis, the study is good news to the over 70 million Americans suffering from the disease.

Arthritis affects one in three adults in the United States, and over half of those feel that there is nothing that can be done to ease their pain. It is a sad world when people will suffer their pain rather than take medication as they are so frightened of the potential side effects of the prescribed medications.

Magnetic therapy offers natural risk-free pain relief for people who suffer from Arthritis. Arthritis gloves also offer relief to the condition

Can magnetic therapy products really help me?

.The British Medical journal thinks so and it definitely can’t hurt you. Magnetic therapy products are natural and offer natural pain relief.

You wear them on your body, with no invasive operations. Cost/benefit, the cost of trying Magnetic therapy products is much lower than trying various drug therapies.

Arthritis pain really wears you down as it drags on for years and years; try magnetic therapy products for natural pain relief.

Magnetic Therapy: The Facts and Myths

Is magnet therapy regarded yet as a mainstream therapy? I consider it is not and through this series of articles I hope to raise awareness by examining a number of issues that have stood in the way of mass acceptance.

There is a useful parallel to be drawn between magnetic therapy and acupuncture. Acupuncture today is an acceptable alternative therapy but 20 or 30 years ago it was regarded with deep suspicion.

So what has happened to make it so popular now that many conventional health clinics have a professional acupuncturist on hand to provide the therapy?

Well, the passage of time has allowed the communication of the obvious benefits actual patients have enjoyed by having a wide variety of symptoms relieved.

If one reads the information available at acupuncture, the science behind acupuncture is still largely theoretical and involves “the common ground shared among meridian system, chakra system and modern sciences” Basically, acupuncture is a successful discipline that encourages the body to heal itself.

It is worth noting here that the general description of what acupuncture does, includes words such as “electromagnetic fields” and “polarity”. Terms also are used in any consideration of magnetic therapy.

More on Acupuncture

So, acupuncture has become accepted mainly because of anecdotal results and any number of successful blind trials. Virtually the same situation that magnetic therapy finds itself in today!

The ‘skeptics’ and ‘doubters’ will tell you there is no basis on which magnet therapy can work, but they said the same words with regard to acupuncture all those years ago.

They will tell you there is no clinical proof that magnetic therapy does anything. This too is untrue, but like anything, it depends on how tests are carried out and what is being measured.

It is also good to keep in mind; these are both ‘alternative therapies’. An alternative, to what? To the medical and veterinary establishment who maintain they have the monopoly on curing all biological bodies with drugs and surgery and radiation.

I acknowledge there are dedicated individual health professionals and vets, who do have wellness as their main priority for us and our animals. There have been many occasions down the ages when new innovations and discoveries have been discredited by those with a vested interest in their failure.

Further fuel for the skeptics and doubters rhetoric is that there are many companies and individuals out there who, looking to jump on a band, will sell you a product that may be totally inappropriate for your needs.

‘Dealers’ who sell magnetic therapy items have, in my experience little or no knowledge of how the therapy works or are able to provide help and advice as to the correct application.

It is these people who generally cannot be bothered to find out, will tell you, “it is not known why magnets work only that they do”. Taking care of magnetic bracelets will ensure you have them for a long time

Health and safety:

When discussing the side effects and health hazards of magnetic bracelets we are facing a very strange answer: There are no known side effects for the use of magnetic jewelry. There is no measurable observed time limitation or length of time or the number of magnets or the accumulative strength of magnets anybody can wear at any given time.

The use of magnetic therapy products generally and magnetic jewelry in specific enables any person to safely and economically treat many human and animal body aches and painful conditions without the use of injections, salves, and drugs. In fact, the usage of magnetic therapy is completely non-intrusive.

Using magnets is as safe as anybody has ever observed. It is non-invasive and also non-addictive, with the few notable following exceptions:

Magnetic therapy products, magnetic jewelry, magnetic bracelets, and bangles are may not suitable for:

Pregnant women and more …

This is precautionary notice, as we actually do not have any empirical data based on observation regarding the possible effect of magnets on unborn children. In this case, it’s best to be extra careful.

People with a pacemaker or any other electrical implants: Magnetic field effect electric currents, as they are actually similar in origin and effects. Though not all electric devices are being affected by magnetic fields, it is best to ensure that you don’t use magnets where electric devices may have fatal consequences on humans if they fail.

People with an insulin pump: The same applies as above.

Also, magnets should not be used near and on an open wound: Goes without saying, you may say. Trivial. Well, it’s not. Some people have been known to place magnets on an open wound and expected results.

Animals (mainly cats and dogs) with any electrical implants: Some electric chips that are implanted in animals are not affected by magnetic collars. It depends on the device and also the location of the implant in relation to the collar. It’s best to consult your vet about the matter – Ask him or her if it is all right to use the magnetic collar.

Daily use of magnetic jewelry

Guidelines for safe daily usage of magnetic therapy jewelry are not complicated, but may vary between different magnetic ornaments:

The magnetic bracelet or magnetic bangle should be worn close to your skin to get the best results. The reason is that the magnetic field has a limited range.

You may leave the magnetic bracelet on when sleeping. The more time you wear it the better.

Take off when having a bath or a shower, or before entering the sea or the swimming pool. This may sound a little strange advice. The reason it came about is that even though all magnetic bracelets are plated or made of noble metals such as titanium magnetic bracelets or stainless steel magnetic bracelets.

The magnets are never made from noble metals – and they tend to rust easily because of the high content of iron. Also, chemicals will affect all metals regardless if they are noble metals or not.

Do not allow magnets and magnetic jewelry near digital watches, credit cards, or domestic appliances. Basically, just don’t place your magnetic bracelet on your credit card. However, it is safe to handle accredit card while wearing a magnetic bracelet.

Magnets can erase video, music, and computer data, and may interfere with computer and TV screens. Again, it is perfectly safe to wear magnetic bracelets while typing on your laptop computer because of the low range of the magnetic fields of the magnets in magnetic jewelry.

Daily care of Magnetic Jewelry

Taking care of your magnetic bracelet is easy, and it is more or less like taking care of any piece of jewelry:

Keep magnetic products that contain magnets (Magnetic bracelets, magnetic bangles, magnetic body wraps, magnetic dog collars & magnetic cat collars, magnetic cat collars) away from fresh or salty water.

To clean, wipe with a dry cloth. Stainless steel and titanium items may be wiped with a damp cloth, and gently polished, but ensure the item is left dry when finished. Do not use any chemicals at all.

Wearing copper magnetic bracelets or copper magnetic bangles may leave a dark green stain on the skin. This is pretty much normal because the copper is absorbed from your magnetic bracelet through to your body via your skin. If the pain is around the knee, a better option would be using a knee compression sleeve.

As even plated magnetic bracelets may be chipped because of hard surfaces, you may want to consider purchasing magnetic jewelry made from noble metals such as stainless steel or titanium magnetic bracelets.

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