Guide on How to Keep Your Feet Warm in Winter

Ask yourself this question, when you are sitting on your sofa at home watching TV on a cold winter’s day. Which part of your body feels the coldest? I don’t know about you, but it’s always my feet.

Lots of people all around the world are having the same problem, this is why the popularity of this fantastic product is growing and growing each year. If you are struggling to find something to buy for your loved one on their birthday or at Christmas time then you should seriously consider buying them an electric foot warmer.

Imagine the face of your loved ones as they sit down on a cold winter’s day, drinking a cup of hot coffee with their feet all warm and cozy in their foot warmer.

The best part about them as well as the price, due to their popularity the price of this product keeps dropping and dropping each year, and you are now able to pick one up for under thirty dollars if you shop around.

With more and more makes and models hitting the marketplace let’s show you the popular Products that are available at the moment.

How to Keep Your Feet Warm

1. Electric Foot Warmers

Foot Heating Pad Electric with Fast Heating Technology

These heated foot warmers are quite simple yet ingenious products that come in the form of either radiating panels or heated mats.

They are small in size and therefore can be placed conveniently and discreetly under your office desk or anywhere else where you usually spend a considerable length of time standing or sitting down.


2. Heated Socks

Heated Socks

Heated socks can be a great help to people suffering from cold feet, a common problem affecting millions of people today especially when they live in very cold countries.

Chronic sufferers may even have Raynaud’s phenomenon, a medical term when such cold temperatures can give rise to blood vessel spasms which in turn cause poor circulation to your joints, toes, fingers, and nose.

However, for most people getting cold feet is not something they can endure for long especially if it interferes with their work or enjoyment and they want to find out how to get rid of cold feet.


3. Wear Warm Insoles

Toasty Feet Insoles are the only natural way many people used to keep their feet warm in winter and cool in summer. The main reason that your feet get cold is that you lose body heat through the bottom of your foot whenever you stand on a surface that is colder than your body temperature.

That is also not just when you are only outdoors. You can get cold feet too when you are working indoors in your office sitting at your desk.


4. Leg Warmers

The leg warmers for women can be either Lycra, spandex, wool, or made of other materials and what you choose depends on what you need the warmers for.

Most girls and women wear them when jogging or walking outdoors, but they are great for dancing as well. They were designed to keep the ankles and the muscles of the dancer warm while stretching and they are also believed to prevent muscle strains.

The wool is great for the really cold time of the year, and when paired with thick tights will keep you cozy and warm.


5. Heated Slippers

best heated slippers

Call them electric slippers, heated slippers, or heated shoes, they certainly help end your misery of cold feet which for some people extends to their whole body.

Most of these shoes have a rubber sole so they can be worn either at home or in the freezing outdoors.

Slippers, are just that – slip-ons’ and are supposed to be worn indoors. Some people don’t need to switch on the battery because the booties covering their ankles and feet can still get warmth when wearing these slippers.

But on really cold days, you would have to put in the given batteries, then turn it on and the heating elements warm the slippers quite effectively and your feet stay warm.


5. Use Leg Compression Wraps with Heat

Leg compression therapy is recommended if you have any foot condition that may make your feet feel cold.

The compression technology used improves blood circulation, promotes lymphatic fluid movement, helps remove lactic acid, reduces inflammation, soreness, and stiffness, and improves flexibility thus stimulating recovery and enhancing performance.

Relax your muscles and pamper yourself with the addition of therapeutic heat. Imagine you’re with a masseuse in the Caribbean as the Air Compression Leg Massager warms your legs to penetrate deep into the tissue.


6. Exercises

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