How to Get Rid of Dry Heels Fast

Dry heels are not only distinctly uncomfortable they can actually cause plenty of embarrassment in social circles. In this post, you’ll learn how to get rid of dry heels fast. If dry heels persist without treatment, this may lead to the development of cracks on the feet.

At worst, these cracks can become very painful, start bleeding and even lead to very serious infection. As such, you need to keep your heels smooth and watch out for any signs of drying, cracks, and calluses developing.

This guide will help you do all these and do it without endangering the health of your feet.

There are many remedies being peddled about, ostensibly capable of helping you get rid of calluses once and for all.

However, these are often unproven and in certain cases can make your calluses even worse. What you really need are natural methods of removing calluses on your feet.

How to Get Rid of Dry Heels

Method 1: Use a Callus Eliminator

Callus eliminators is simply the most effective natural remedy for getting rid of calluses on your feet. The eliminator works fast to get rid of calluses and softens the skin.

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Start by soaking your feet in warm water for 3 to 5 minutes. This is however only absolutely necessary if you are suffering from an acute case of calluses. For ordinary cases or just evidence of dry and cracked heels, you may go ahead to apply the your Callus Eliminator after taking a shower.

As the remedy is very tough and quick-acting, it is advisable to put on gloves before applying them to the affected areas of your feet. Remember that you are trying to get rid of dead skin on your feet, not your hands!

Spread the remedy liberally over the affected areas of the soles of your feet. These will naturally be the heels and perhaps the edges of the feet. If you can detect dry skin on the area around your toes, spread the remedy over there as well.

Let the Callus Eliminator take effect for about five minutes. You may wait for seven minutes if you have a particularly nasty case of dry skin and calluses but no more. Once done, use a smooth-grained lava pumice stone to gently file away the now loose dead skin.

Rinse your feet thoroughly to ensure all the dead skin is eliminated. If desired, you can also moisturize your feet using an appropriate natural-based moisturizer such as O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Cream.

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Method 2: Use a Foot Scrub

A foot scrub comprises of proven and very effective herbal extracts and scrubs to help rid you of the problem of dry and callused feet.

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Applying the scrub is easy. Just soak your feet in warm water for about five and let someone help you apply the scrub. They should take your feet one at a time and apply a liberal amount of the scrub around the callused areas.

They should rub and massage the scrub for a couple of minutes and then return your feet into the water and wash off the remedy.

Method 3: Foot Peeling Exfoliating Mask

This is yet another safe and affordable solution for getting rid of dry skin and calluses on your feet. It is formulated from such natural ingredients as Ginger extract, Bamboo vinegar, Fermented milk, Chamomile extract, and Papain to ensure your feet remain smooth and smell great as well.

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To use it, simply wash your feet using warm water for about fifteen minutes and then towel them dry. Cut the two booties as shown on the accompanying instructions and put them on your feet. To ensure a tight fit, fasten the booties using the tape included in the package.

Massage the covered area of the feet in order to produce a lather and keep the booties on for between 60 to 70 minutes. Only if you are nursing a very severe case of callused feet is it OK to keep the booties for two hours.

While it is OK to walk around while wearing the exfoliating masks, it is advisable to stay put for the whole length of time. You may also wear socks on top of the booties to help keep the exfoliating mask in place.

Remove the booties and wash your feet using warm water and soap as normal. For the best results, soak your feet in warm water for about fifteen minutes daily for the subsequent seven days after the initial treatment.

Some Effective Tips to Avoid Getting Dry Heels and Calluses

In many cases, dry heels and calluses are caused by a lack of moisture but that is not the sole reason. You can be certain your feet will remain free from dry heels by following the following tips:

  • Avoid wearing sandals and flip-flops unless when necessary
  • Do not stand or walk on hard floors for extended periods of time
  • Keep your body weight in check
  • Avoid exposing your feet to very cold weather or climatic conditions
  • Do not use too hot water in the bath or shower


Your feet are very important parts of your body yet they often receive very little attention. Take time to take care of the soles of your feet daily and you will never have to worry about calluses or dry heels.

If the worst comes to the worst, the fast solutions shared in this guide should suffice to help you get back your silky smooth, and lovely feet. Read more on how to prevent calluses on your feet.

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